Build your own ChatGPT for your website.

Build a custom GPT, integrate it on your website, and let it handle customer support, interact with your users, and more.

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Our Clients

We are proud to collaborate with leading companies to deliver the best AI chat platform.

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Product demo

Build a chatbot in under 1 minute.

See in the video how easy it is to build and share your own chatbot built on Applai.

New feature

On premises

På Applai Chat kan du vælge at bruge din egen LLM i stedet for at bruge en LLM managed af Applai. Du kan også vælge at udskifte den indbyggede data storage med din egen løsning. Hvis du selv vil hoste din LLM og Storage, kan du bruge Applai Chat som interface til at indlæse data og dele din chatbot.

Frit valg af LLM
Alt data i dit miljø
Specifikke GDPR krav


Up and running in no time

In just a few minutes, you'll be up and running building your own chatbot and training it for your needs.

Training data

Build your chatbot on the data sources you want. Add PDFs, sync websites, or connect to your drive.

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Train and test

See when your chatbot is trained on your data and test how it responds to your questions.


Sync websites

Your chatbot can be connected to entire websites or specific links, depending on your needs.



Invite your colleagues and control their access.

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Here's how it works

Add your data sources, train the AI, customize it to your needs, and add it to your website.

Import your data

Connect your data sources, upload files, or add a website for crawling. Applai will use all these data to train your chatbot.

Customize your chatbot

Make your chatbot an integrated part of your website with custom colors and logos. Let it reflect your brand's personality with custom instructions.

Embed and integrate

Add a chat widget to any website with a simple embed code or iframe. Connect your chatbot with your favorite tools like Slack, Teams, Intercom, and more.
Try it now


A chatbot you and your users can trust. Built in Denmark, hosted in Belgium - always GDPR compliant.


All data is processed and stored on our own data servers, which are exclusively located within the EU. Therefore, you can get a fully GDPR-compliant AI solution from Applai. It is also possible to run parts of our solution on your own servers.


We have implemented robust security measures to protect your data. By utilizing Microsoft Azure's built-in security, we employ a multi-layered strategy to safeguard data.

Content filtering

We use advanced content filtering to prevent the generation of harmful content. This means that our AI models themselves prevent users from generating illegal or harmful content with Applai Chat.


Establish your own rules that the chatbot must always adhere to, such as ensuring that it always responds in your own tone-of-voice.

Our Results

Applai has made it easier than ever to build your own ChatGPT.


Powerful features

Everything you need for your no-code AI chatbot.

More than 100 languages

Your users can write and receive responses in precisely the language they prefer.

Multiple data sources

Import data from multiple sources to train your chatbot.


If your users have difficulty reading and writing, the AI can now read their texts aloud and transcribe from audio to text.

Customize your chatbot

Customize your chatbot's appearance and feel to match your brand's style and your website's design.

Train your chatbot

Train your chatbot and see an improvement in its responses. Control which of your data it should use for its answers.


Remove Applai branding and use a custom domain.

Private and secure

Your data is hosted on secure European servers with robust encryption and access control.


Publish your chatbot on your website, in your app, or in your workspace like Slack or Teams.

The best AI models

Choose from the leading AI models for your chatbot to balance the trade-off between performance and cost.
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Build your own ChatGPT

Become part of the future of AI chatbots today.

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