The safest AI chat for education

Applai enables educators and students to utilize generative AI – based on ChatGPT – GDPR compliant and with their own learning materials.

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Our Clients

We are proud to collaborate with leading institutions to deliver the best learning experience.

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New opportunities with AI in education

Teachers themselves choose which materials their students can access and use as the basis for the AI's responses.

Online booksWe collaborate with leading publishers, allowing you to access your online books directly in Applai.
PDFUpload your own learning materials directly into the AI chatbot.
PicturesImages can be uploaded and understood by the AI. Get notes transcribed and illustrations explained.
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A safe and secure learning environment for teachers and students.


All data is processed and stored on our own data servers, which are exclusively located within the EU. Therefore, you can have a fully GDPR-compliant AI solution from Applai.


We have developed robust security measures to protect your data. By leveraging Microsoft Azure's built-in security, we employ a multi-layered data protection strategy.

Content Filtering

We utilize advanced content filtering to prevent the generation of harmful content. This means that our AI models inherently prevent users from generating illegal or harmful content with Applai Chat.


Establish your own rules that the chatbot must always adhere to, such as ensuring that it cannot do students' homework or be active during an exam period.

Our Results

See how Applai has transformed learning with impressive results and satisfaction.


Learning materials of the highest quality

A truly unique collaboration

Through Applai's partnership with Praxis, teachers and students can seek answers in validated and quality-assured learning materials.

"We had some requirements regarding how the chatbot should answer specific questions, how it should formulate the responses, and how the chatbot should be implemented in our materials, and it worked really well to collaborate with Applai to find the right solution for us.

Using Applai Chat instead of building our own AI solution has allowed us to quickly integrate AI into our products."
Morten Blichfeldt AndersenPublishing Director, Praxis

Accessibility for all

We believe in an inclusive learning environment that meets students where they are. Whether a student needs a helping hand to keep up or is at the top of their class and seeking challenges.

More than 100 languages

Students can now have their books translated into the language they prefer. Just because one struggles with Danish, it shouldn't hinder their learning.

The sound of learning

If a student struggles with reading and writing, the AI can now read their texts aloud and transcribe from audio to text.

Help and guidance

Everyone learns differently, and therefore, the same learning materials cannot be expected to fit all students. The AI can be a personal homework assistant.
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